Child Custody Attorney – Algonquin, IL (60102, 60156)

Child Custody Lawyer - Algonquin, Illinois (60102, 60156)Jenette M. Schwemler is a family law and child custody attorney serving clients in Algonquin, Illinois (60102, 60156) and surrounding areas in northern Illinois. Jenette is a full service family law practitioner, focusing on family law, divorce, custody, mediation, estate planning and elder law.

Child Custody Law Issues

Divorces involving children tend to be more difficult because we have competing parents fighting over custody and parenting time (also called “visitation”). Children often find themselves in the middle of this conflict during a divorce, whether the parents intend to insert them into it or not.

As an experienced mediator and child custody litigator, Jenette not only has assisted quarreling parents in reaching a settlement, but also has taken many cases to trial where custody is contested, and won.

For a free consultation, contact Jenette M. Schwemler (815-245-4665), an experienced child custody lawyer serving clients in Algonquin, Illinois (60102, 60156) and surrounding areas.


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